Renewable Energy Superpower – a vision for Australia in the renewable energy era


Perth Renewable Energy Superpower October 27, 2016, 5.45-8pm, Social Sciences Lecture Theatre Room G130,University of Western Australia, Cnr Stirling Hwy and Hackett Drive, Crawley, WA 6009. View Map  Event notification here



Newcastle Renewable Energy Superpower June 9,   5.30 – 7.30 pm at City Hall Banquet Room, 290 King St, Newcastle

Adelaide Renewable Energy Superpower Election Special  June 3,  7-9pm  at UNISA West Campus, City 

Noosa Renewable Energy Superpower  May 26,  5.30-7.30pm at The J, Noosa Heads

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Australia’s Sustainable Energy Advantage


Superpower in the renewable energy era

The renewable energy industry will bring powerful long term energy advantages to Australia.



Three opportunity areas

The full value of the Australian renewable energy resource can be realised in 3 areas- equipment and technology, renewable energy powered industry and  renewable energy exports.


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Comparing resources

For the first time the relative total size of the economic potential of Australia’s renewable energy resource has been calculated and compared with its fossil and uranium energy resources.


Maximising the renewable energy advantage

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The Future is Electric

Australia’s energy future is a low cost, world class renewable energy electricity generation system powering everything from electric transport and heating for buildings and industry, to energy-intensive manufacturing.



New Energy Solutions

Consolidation of the energy system is made possible by new energy technologies & new control and management solutions.



Low cost energy

Low cost renewable energy is an economic opportunity for Australia determined by decisions and investments made today.



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Decarbonisation can be rapid and still benefit Australia but energy intensive trade exposed industries need support while electricity productivity is adjusted.


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Factor in long term implications of electricity productivity and emissions reductions to avoid being locked in with stranded assets.


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Cease using the domestic gas distribution network and adopt high efficiency electrical appliances – electric vehicles, heat pumps, induction stovetops – power saving retrofits, and rooftop solar.


Sydney April 4 Renewable Energy Superpower Launch Panel


Dr. Mehreen Faruqi

NSW Parliament, Legislative Council


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Tim Buckley

Director of Energy Finance Studies, Australasia, Institute of Energy Economics and Financial Analysis LISTEN 


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Emma Herd

CEO, Investor Group on Climate Change



Nicky Ison

Founding Director, Community Power Agency


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The Hon Mark Butler MP